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Gent - Wevelgem Women 2022


Date: Sun, Mar 27Stage type: Climbs and Cobbles Country: BelgiumCategory: WomenClassification: 1.WWTRace type: One-day Race Length: 160 km ⁃ Ascent: 748 m


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Segment nameSegmentCountryStarts at / To-go (km)Length (km)Ascent (m)Avg. grade
VeurnestraatCobbles 1Belgium52 / 1081.262.70.2%
ScherpenbergClimb 1Belgium93 / 660.9829.93%
BanebergClimb 2Belgium98 / 621.1666.95.8%
MontebergClimb 3Belgium104 / 561.147.84.3%
Kemmelberg (Belvedère)Climb 4Belgium106 / 540.7242.45.7%
Kemmelberg (Belvedère)Cobbles 2Belgium106 / 530.4237.59%
ScherpenbergClimb 5Belgium113 / 460.9830.83.1%
BanebergClimb 6Belgium118 / 421.1666.65.8%
Kemmelberg (Ossuaire)Climb 7Belgium124 / 360.5645.98.2%
Kemmelberg (Ossuaire)Cobbles 3Belgium124 / 360.2216.07%

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