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Siena-Siena (Piazza del Campo)

Date: Sat, Mar 5Stage type: Hilly and gravel Country: ItalyCategory: MenClassification: 1.UWTRace type: One-day Race Length: 184 km ⁃ Ascent: 2,659 m
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Segment nameSegmentCountryStarts at / To-go (km)Length (km)Ascent (m)Avg. grade
VidrittaGravel 1Italy17 / 1671.960-0.8%
BagnaiaGravel 2Italy25 / 1596.1171.42.2%
RadiGravel 3Italy37 / 1474.3889.91.1%
La PianaGravel 4Italy47 / 1375.5217.5-1.2%
Lucignano d'AssoGravel 5Italy76 / 10811.63124.7-0.7%
Pieve a SaltiGravel 6Italy89 / 967.97128.3-0.5%
Martino in GraniaGravel 7Italy112 / 739.27248.41.8%
Monte Sante MarieGravel 8Italy130 / 5411.33279.71.3%
MonteapertiGravel 9Italy160 / 240.7652.06.8%
Colle PinzutoGravel 10Italy164 / 202.3979.13.3%
Le TolfeGravel 11Italy170 / 141.1121.7-0.6%

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